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Engaging Shaw

He considered himself the Superman; she allowed him to believe it. Read more.

The Consul, The Tramp, and America's Sweetheart

The German Consul to Hollywood tries to stop production on Charlie Chaplin's first talkie. Read more.

Blame It On Beckett

A literary intern struggles to attain a full-time job without becoming jaded. Read more.

In the Gutter

A gutter salesman becomes involved with a client, with deadly consequences. Read more.

Play Date

It's the parents who are naughty when six people get together for a play date. Read more.

Gianni Schicchi

When a rich man leaves his money to the church, his family hires a local farmer to dictate a new will. Read more.

Die, Mr. Darcy, Die!

A woman gives up on men because they can't live up to the hero of Pride & Prejudice. Read more.

The Crater Sisters' Christmas Special

A holiday musical! Two sisters try to resurrect their act after their staff quits. Read more.

Comedy of Venice

Two Venetian authors battle for the soul of the commedia dell'arte. Read more.


A woman rises to prominence on her own terms in the 1920s. Read more.

Stories I May Not Tell

Take a peek inside a playwright's mind as he recounts stories he's not yet written. Read more.

Jack the Ticket Ripper

A ticket taker seeks revenge when he is replaced by an optical scanner. Read more.

Variant Strains

The directors of a vaccine company develop an unethical plan to defeat their rival corporation. Read more.

Civilizing Lusby

Two men try to make a killing on a railroad venture in 1860s Maryland. Read more.

The Affliction

A woman refuses medical treatment until her husband treats her better. Read more.

Mask Play

A substitute professor creates chaos in an acting class with her unorthodox methods. Read more.

Stonewall's Bust

A broken statue breeds an escalating series of lies that builds toward an exorcism on live TV. Read more.

Irish Authors Held Hostage

Variations on a theme that pair a famous Irish author with an infamous terrorist. Read more.


A mother and daughter come across an old diary that casts doubt on the authorship of Titus Andronicus. Read more.

The Matchmaker's Guide to Controlling the Elements

The office busybody has plans for her boss and best friend. Read more.

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