Play Date

From an idea by Lori Boyd & John Morogiello. It’s the parents who are naughty in this hilarious mix of winning and losing friendships, adultery, politics, and scheming to get one up on their neighbors while in the midst of their children’s play date. The script is available through Heartland Plays.

Pictured:  Kira Burri and Evan Crump in the Best Medicine Rep production.


“This show is genuinely funny. We need more laughs—and these were laughs of the best kind: Play Date skewers pretensions,
misapprehensions, and the insularity of people, but it never skewers the humans trying to find their footing and purpose.”
—Mary Ann Johnson, MD THEATRE GUIDE

—Debbie Minter Jackson, DC THEATRE SCENE


“Play Date is a new step in theatrical evolution — a serio-comic farce. It is funny, certainly, but also rich, deep and even poignant. All of these characters provide compelling insights into how parenthood changes people. It is definitely worth seeing.”
—Jennifer Georgia, DC METRO THEATER ARTS

“Playwright John Morogiello is a newly emerging master of short plays, and his farce Play Date delivers a fun time for any audience."

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