The Consul, The Tramp, and America's Sweetheart

Winner of the 2015 Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition, the 2015 Dayton Playhouse Futurefest, and a 2018 Individual Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council! On the eve of World War Two, the German consul to Hollywood tries to stop production on Charlie Chaplin’s controversial first talkie, The Great Dictator. A comedy about art, politics, commerce, women in power, anti-semitism, and what it means to be American.  Email us to read the script.

Production Photos

And Critical Reaction
“A heartwarmingly humorous yet seriously didactic story full of both fantasy and reality. The Consul, the Tramp, and    
America's Sweetheart has some serious legs.”

Elizabeth Aspenlieder and David Joseph in the world premiere at Oldcastle Theatre Co.

“A superb play that dares deal with the big ideas in a highly entertaining way.

Shawn Savage, Melanie Chartoff, Brian Stanton, and Laura Lee Walsh in the Theatre 40 production.

“Hitler, Hollywood, and hilarity: This play has it all! Playwright Morogiello is smart and aware, and writes crisply. Billed as a comedy, the play is much more: a perceptive and moving depiction of the struggle between profit and art, between business
and idealism.”
—Eric A. Gordon, PEOPLE’S WORLD

The cast of the Dayton Playhouse production.

“Some of the best theatre you will ever see.”
—Carol Kaufman Segal, REVIEWPLAYS.COM

The cast of the Olympia Little Theatre production.

“A MUST SEE! Undoubtedly one of the best plays I have seen of late. This play wasn’t just a 10, it was a 12.”
—Serita Stevens, L.A. SPLASH

“The Consul, the Tramp and America’s Sweetheart Reminds Us What Democracy is Really About in America.”
—Shari Barrett, BROADWAY WORLD

—L. Zimskind, STAGE RAW

“An engrossing new play. Capturing the style and private personalities of the famous is a challenge and author John
Morogiello does it brilliantly.”
—Mona Murphy Martell, THEATRE SPOKEN HERE

“You should not miss The Consul, The Tramp and America's Sweetheart. Many laughs and much to think about.”
—Sally Sugarman, THEATER TALK WBTN

“An excellent new comedy that tugs at the mind's heart more than at the heart's mind. A wonderful experience, almost as
good as the movie at its core.”

Right:  John Tweel in the Best Medicine Rep production.

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